By March 14, 2018 Iceland Blog

Greetings, fellow travellers in Iceland!

Here are some recommendations for you when visiting Iceland during April.

As spring’s green sprouts begin to manifest themselves everywhere, you might think you’re out of the woods as far as bad weather is concerned. You might be – or you might not. There is no way to tell for sure, and the occasional snowstorm has been known to descend on hopeful visitors up until May, so keep something warm at hand. Just in case. Even if freezing temperatures are rare in April, the wind can get pretty harsh and chilly. Especially with rain. So do bring a warm coat, by all means.

If you like the distinct vibe of Icelandic music, and chances are you do, take note. Every April, Músíktilraunir (“Music Experiments”) take place in Iceland and that gathering is a “battle of the bands” of sorts where young and emerging artists play for a grand prize. No one with a recorded a song on their resumé is allowed to compete and several of Iceland’s biggest talents played their first ever gigs right here – Sigur Rós, Of Monsters and Men, Agent Fresco to name but a very few. Can you imagine the bragging rights for those who can casually say they saw Sigur Rós live before they released Ágætis byrjun? This year the tryout gigs actually start in late March but the final night, with the best bits, is April 1st.

Icelanders eat ice cream 12 months a year without a second thought, just like they fire up the barbecue whatever the weather or time of year. Visitors who shy away from ice cold snacks can still consider ice cream in April and to that end we can safely recommend Valdís, an artisan ice cream parlor in one of the dozens of old fishing camps by the harbour recently renovated into trendy  gourmet shops and restaurants, and even designer fashion shops and jewellry workshops. Also worth visiting is The Cuckoo’s Nest restaurant, Búrið cheese shop, among others.

If Thor and the other ancient Norse gods decide to deal you a tough hand as far as the climate is concerned, may we suggest you head to Kolaportid Flea Market, open during weekends and, fortunately, indoors. Placed in an old customs storage space, this atmospheric gathering spot has everything from hand-knitted Icelandic wool sweaters and vintage vinyl to army surplus gear (US and European import – Iceland has never had it’s own armed forces) and whatever treats locals decide to sell from their own storage rooms. Who’s to say what hidden treasures you will unearth at Kolaportið?

Do you fancy a Ice cream made out of breast milk?  Check this out: