By March 14, 2018 Iceland Blog

Greetings, fellow travellers in Iceland!

Here are some recommendations for you when visiting Iceland during May.

Spring is now in full force and you are likely to get a nice preview of summer. May often features some really wonderful days of sun and warm temperatures. This is what you should be taking advantage of, should the opportunity arise; go outside, as nice weather can not be taken for granted just yet.

Take a stroll towards the harbour area until you come across the most famous hot-dog stand in Iceland: Bæjarins bestu, which means “Town’s Best”. Among famous (and satisfied) clients are former President Bill Clinton and hard rock stalwarts Metallica. Do step out of your safety zone and order “one with everything”. That includes ketchup, special Icelandic hot dog mustard, remoulade, cronions (crisp fried onions) and finely chopped raw onions.

Reykjavík Art Festival takes place each year during may and always features an array of local and international talent, performing any and every aspect of the fine arts. Among attractions in previous editions are Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and David Bowie. The 2017 program is yet to be announced.

Beer is by no means cheap in Iceland, so if you’re going to enjoy a brew why not make it a decent one, especially now that you can actually sit outside without your weatherproof down parka? Head for Skúli Craft Bar (named after Skúli Thoroddsen, one of Reykjavík’s founding father) and revel in an astounding selection of local and imported craft beer, two dozens of which are on tap. Skál!

If you fancy a hike now that the weather is rather picking up, there are  some lovely hiking trails to be found in the vicinity of the capital, ones that require no specific gear besides hiking boots. Within a 15 minute drive you can find yourself walking either in Heiðmörk nature reserve, Mount Esja, Úlfarsfell, Elliðaárdalur and more.