Who would have thought that you could do both Whale watching and Puffin Watching from the centre of Reykjavík?

In only a short boat ride away from the Old Harbour in Reykjavík you will get the chance to meed these adorable little birds. We go by our very authentic oak-boat named Skúlaskeið (“Old Skúli“) that is perfect for puffin watching since it has a very shallow draught and therefore can get really close to the puffin islands where the puffins make their studio apartments with their partner.

Our guides are very knowledgeable about the thriving birdlife in the surroundings of Reykjavík. You can choose between two types of whale watching boats, Rósin and Andrea. Rósin is our Express boat, it gets you out to the whale watching area faster than the other whale watching boats but still allows you to spend as long time whale watching.

The Andrea is the biggest whale watching boat in Iceland and has an educational and interactive focus. It is also very family friendly and spacious with a cafeteria on-board. Most common whale sights in Faxaflói bay are Minke whales and Humpback whales, White-Beaked Dolphins and Harbour Porpoises.

Note that these are two separate tours and you do not have to do them on the same day.

What's included?

Whale Watching: Guided boat tour Warm overalls Free WI-FI Cafeteria/Snack bar onboard Restrooms on board Puffin Tour: Guided boat tour (1 hour) 100% sightings! Binoculars on board

What do I need to bring?

It is always good to dress warm when in Iceland. :)