A 2 day Super Truck adventure to the Thorsmork valley. A drive between two glaciers on rutted tracks and crossing few unbridged glacier rivers before arriving at the valley. The perfect place to see the Northern lights int he winter time! 
Arctic Trucks Experience offers guided Iceland tours in the amazing highlands where you do all the driving!

We´ll take the main road east from Reykjavík through the mountains of Helliðsheidi plateau and drive along the south coast passing small Icelandic farms all the way to the foot of the world famous Eyjafjallajokull volcano. We stop at Seljalandsfoss waterfall where the brave ones can take a walk behind the waterfall as it falls from the very high cliffs. After driving between two glaciers on the rutted tracks and crossing few unbridged glacier rivers we arrive at Thorsmork valley at the foot of Myrdalsjokull glacier and Katla volcano.

Our second day starts with a drive from Þórsmörk valley. We stop at Stakkholtsgjá canyon and explore its hidden waterfall before we enter the road nr 1. We drive up to Sólheimajökull glacier for a exploration of the glacier with crampons and ice axes. You will learn all about the glaciers formations, sinkholes and cravasses. 
Before we head back to the city we go on a off road adventure on the black sand beaches

Pick up at 08:30 from your hotel or guesthouse in Reykjavík. 

Trip Duration: 2 days.

Bring with you: Warm outdoor clothing, your driver licence, good shoes, snacks for the day and your camera. 



All drivers need to sign a car rental contract before the trip starts. Self-risk is 3000 EUR. Please read all the details of the contract before starting the trip. 
Prices for private Valley of Thor Experience
145.000 ISK per person.
Group bookings, please contact us fo detailed quoting for your trip.


Extra Driver:                                      Included
Unlimited kilometers:                        Included
Rope, shovel, tow eye, tire gauge:   Included

Winch with remote control:    5.500 ISK
Winch anchor:                         1.500 ISK
GPS:                                       4.000 ISK
Aluminum travelling box:        1.500 ISK
Cooler box:                             1.500 ISK
Hi-lift jack:                               1.500 ISK


The Arctic Truck jeep and guide/ instructor. Sleeping bag, accommodation in a mountain hut for 1 night, glacier hike.  
Meals: Lunch and dinner on day 1, breakfast and lunch on day 2. 

Fuel is not included in the price.