A 3 day long weekend in Iceland driving the Arctic Trucks modified cars. The tour includes driving on mountain tracks and a visit to the Golden Circle, Hekla Volcano, Landmannalaugar highland paradise, Þórsmörk valley and Eyjafjallajökull volcano. Arctic Trucks Experience offers guided Iceland tours in the amazing highlands where you do all the driving!


A long weekend in Iceland driving the Arctic Trucks modified Toyota Hilux or Toyota Land Cruiser. We start the tour at the Arctic Trucks headquarters in Reykjavík where the Arctic Trucks Team will teach you how to drive in different conditions of snow, airing down the tires, driving through rivers and in other off-road conditions. 

In the morning we will get on the Polar vehicles and go on the Golden Circle. Our first stop is at Thingvellir National Park, home of Iceland's ancient Viking parliament and listed as a UNESCO's World Heritage site. Next we head east Lyngdalsdalsheiði following a mountain road with great views of the mountain range and the lake.  At Haukadalur, home of the great Geysir, the reliable Strokkur geyser erupts every few minutes. This incredible hot spring spouts boiling water to a height of 25 to 35 meters.
Next we head up to the magnificent Gullfoss waterfall cascading down in the Hvítá river originating in the Langjökull glacier. 
Optional extra activity on this day is a snowmobile ride on Langjökull. 
In the afternoon we will head to Minni Borgir cottages for a BBQ dinner and a relaxing bath in the Hot Tub.

We will be travelling to the most special area our backyard has to offer and will over a wide variety of tracks, through breathtaking mountain ranges. On this day we will visit the Hekla volcano area and Landmannalaugar highland paradise.  Mount Hekla is a 1450 meter high and one of Iceland's most active volcanoes that had its most recent eruption in 2000.  During the Middle Ages, Europeans called the volcano the "Gateway to Hell."

This is the ultimate super truck experience, deserted tracks in combination with a stunning ruggedness of the surroundings, will result in an unforgettable experience. We drive to Landmannalaugar and to its comfy mountain hut at the borders of a warm river. The extraordinary colors that surround the hut in Landmannalaugar will leave nobody untouched. After relaxing and enjoying a bath in the natural hot river we head to the hut and enjoy a BBQ leg of lamb before crawl into our sleeping bags. In the winter time there is a change of seeing the northern lights dancing above our heads!
Please note: In summer time we don't spend the night in Landmannalaugar, we head back to Minniborgir cottages. 

On the last day we head to the foot of Eyjafjallajökull (volcano), we drive along the small Icelandic farms that are beneath the volcano. After driving between two glaciers on the rutted tracks and crossing some unbridged glacier rivers we arrive at Þórsmörk valley at the foot of Mýrdalsjökull glacier and Katla volcano, Iceland's fourth largest glacier. 
On the South Coast we will drive on black sand beaches and admire the beauty and power of the North Atlantic Ocean. Last but not least, we will stop at the waterfall Seljalandsfoss where the brave ones can take a walk behind the waterfall as it falls from the cliffs. We will start heading back to Reykjavik in the late afternoon to check-in to the hotel for the evening. 

  • Pick up at 08:30 from your hotel or guesthouse in Reykjavík. 
  • Trip Duration: 3 days
  • Bring with you: Warm outdoor clothing, your driver licence, good shoes, swimming suit and towel, your camera and some snacks. 


All drivers need to sign a car rental contract before the trip starts. Self-risk is 3000 EUR. Please read all the details of the contract before starting the trip.