Come with us on a trip you will never forget. This tour will bring you to a remote area in the southeast side of Vatnajökull, Europe’s biggest glacier.

Enjoy breath-taking views from the comfort of our brand new customized Super Jeeps. In this 3-4 hour journey we will drive on the glacier, discover an amazing glacier valley (Sultartungugil) with an astonishing view of our beautiful mountains (Esjufjöll and Öræfajökull).

Have you ever wondered how the glacier looks from the top? Relax and explore Iceland from the luxury of our Super Jeeps. This off the beaten track tour on the glacier Skálafellsjökull is a unique experience in Iceland.

Stay away from the crowd and experience Icelandic nature at its best. We will ascend through the natural Glacier Valley Kálfafellsdalur, iconic scenery of movies such as Batman Begins and the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and also the popular TV series Game of Thrones.

The drive provides a privileged access to the peak Brókartindur. We will park next to the summit, walk to the top and make a photo stop. Admire Vatnajökull’s main ice cap from a different perspective. From there we will admire Þvetártindsegg, Suðursveit highest mountain (1.544 m).

The Super Jeep Tour on the Glacier has two departures, 9am and 2pm (9:00 and 14:00). Pick up starts 15 minutes before departure. There is snow on the top all year round so we will not need crampons or any special gear. However, hiking or waterproof boots are recommended. We spend approximately 2 hours on the glacier.


09:00 and 14:00 (9am and 2pm).


3-4 Hours, Time spent on the glacier: Approximately 2 hours


On-road, Off-road and glacier transportation, dedicated tour to the glacier outlet Skálafellsjökull (Guide and driver)


Hiking boots (recommended), waterproof clothes, mittens, sunglasses on sunny days.


Easy (No long hikes are part of this tour)


24,900 Isk per adult / Children under 12 free