A boat ride with the colourful puffins and a warm natural pool afterwards

Start the day with a sail to the Puffin island where over 15.000 pairs of puffinscome to breed. 

The adorable puffin is only a short boat ride away from Reykjavik's Old Harbour. You sail with the perfect puffin watching boat that can take you extra close to the island because of its shallow draught. 

Throughout the 1 hour tour the knowledgeable guide will tell you everything about the thriving bird life that lives around Reykjavík.

After the tour you can grab a quick burger before you head to Harpa, the concert hall, where your next adventure starts. 

From Harpa you depart at 12:00 for the Secret Lagoon.  A beautiful 1,5 hour drive to the oldest natural geothermal pool in Iceland!

The warm water stays at 38-40°C and around the Secret Lagoon several hot spots can be found. A walking path has been built around to make it easier for you to get a good and closer look at the boiling, spouting hot springs.