Join us on an exciting two hour adventure exploring the wonders of Vatnajökull Glacier. Our luxurious tour will take you to the largest glacier in Europe where you can see a natural ice cave.

Our private parking is located next to the Glacier Lagoon / Jökulsárlón cafeteria.

While our driver gets ready for departure, the guide will welcome you into the largest custom made super jeep in Iceland. We will drive on and off road all the way to the snout of the Glacier outlet    Breiðamerkurjökull.

On the way, your guide will explain how the caves are formed while the driver manages the route. We will adjust our crampons and helmets and get ready to hike to the glacier. The cave is only a 5-10-minute walk from the place where we park. Inside the cave we can admire the blue color of the ice.

Don’t forget to ask your tour guide why the ice is blue. Once inside the caves, we will have as much time to explore as nature allows. Lately we have been able to access a moulin, being this one of the highlights of the tour. While other groups might be inside the cave, we ensure that we spend enough time to give you a memorable experience.

The tour will then conclude as we take you back to the Glacier Lagoon. Feel free to ask your tour guide any questions that come to mind.

The cars we are very excited with our project without precedents in Iceland. Our fleet consists of the 4 largest custom made super jeeps in the country of ice and fire. They can take up to 15 passengers plus the driver and the guide.

Sometimes we will not be able to access the caves because of the weather. If the rain has been intense the previous days before the tour, the cave will need to evacuate the water (since the ice cave is the plumbing system of the glacier). If that happens, we will go the extra mile and explore other cave-like formations such as glacier arches and moulins. We will try to go as close to the ice cave entrance as possible and hike around the area to create a memorable adventure.


Approx 2 hours 

What is included?

Crampons Helmets On-road and off-road transportation.

What to bring and wear?

Hiking boots, waterproof and/ or winter clothes