A 2 day Arctic Truck adventure where you drive on one of Europe‘s largest glaciers and camp on the glacier! A trip that will meet your adventures needs and provide you with some of Iceland‘s most breathtaking beauty. Arctic Trucks Experience offers guided Iceland tours in the amazing highlands where you do all the driving!

Are you in for one of Iceland‘s most adventurous tours? Then the glacier experience is what you are looking for! A trip that will ensist on your focus and skills!

After choosing the perfect glacier to traverse upon you will have a quick briefing at the Arctic Trucks headquarters. You will get to meet the glacier expert that will embark upon this journey with you and get you safe and sound back home. The Arctic Trucks set sails from the headquarters and you are taken on an amazing trip where you get to see breathtaking nature like you have never seen before!

When the super trucks arrive at the magnificent snow-covered glacier, the tires will be deflated and the guide lead you on a safe path on the glacier. Once the sun starts to lover on the sky everyone will help set up camp and prepare a feast for the hungry explorers.

When the sun rises on the next day, everyone packs up the camping gear and start heading towards civilization. On the way back you get to drive on rough mountain roads, cross rivers and witness the spectecular gifts that the earth has blessed Icelandic nature with.

The Glacier Experience is a challenging trip. It is an extreme experience but you are in the safe hands of the guide, who might have to make a last minute decision according to weather conditions. All trips depend on weather conditions and this one is not an exception!



  • Pick up at 08:30 from your hotel or guesthouse in Reykjavík. 
  • Trip Duration: 3 days
  • Bring with you: Very, very warm outdoor clothing - dress like you are going to the south pole, also you need to bring your driver licence, good shoes, your camera and some snacks. 


All drivers need to sign a car rental contract before the trip starts. Self-risk is 3200 USD. Please read all the details of the contract before starting the trip.