Day Tour Exclusive – Reykjanes Peninsula - Private Edition

Reykjanes peninsula is a magical Geopark where the Mid-Atlantic Ridge rises from the ocean and emerges onto land. Here two of the Earth’s tectonic plates are separating, making Iceland a truly unique place as it is the only location on Earth where this can be observed.

The interaction of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and volcanism at Reykjanes has created geothermal energy, lava fields and an out-of-this-world landscape that you might expect to find somewhere like Mars or the Moon.

We will drive from Reykjavik onto the Reykjanes peninsula, and our first stop will be an 800 year-old lava field which forms an otherworldly and dramatic barren landscape. As we drive through the lava field we will cross from the North American plate onto the Eurasian plate. We will make a stop at the “Bridge Between the Continents”, where a bridge has been built over a rift in the lava field and symbolises the connection of the two continents.

Once we have crossed the continents, we head to the boiling pools known as Gunnuhver, an area with highly active geothermal hot springs.  Gunnuhver is named after an angry ghost who has haunted the area since a priest trapped the spirit of a woman in the springs 400 years ago.

Close to the hot springs is Iceland's oldest and most beautiful lighthouse, which we will see as we walk along the magnificent cliffs and experience the power of the ocean.

After a short drive we visit the Blue Lagoon for some photo opportunities. We then drive along the south coast of the peninsula, enjoying the dramatic volcanic scenery along the way.

A little town called Grindavík is our next stop. This is an important fishing town on the south coast of the peninsula and is thought to have been first settled in 934 AD. Throughout its history, this town has been known for its strong ties with the sea and hard working people.

We then continue to Grænavatn, a crater formed from an explosion during a volcanic eruption around 6000 years ago. The lake is now filled with bluish-green water, which gets its colour from the thermal algae that inhabit the crater. 

A short distance from Grænavatn is Krysuvik, an interesting geothermal hotspot area with a pungent volcanic sulphur smell!  Columns of steam rise to the sky, with many beautiful bubbling mud pools and coloured hot springs. 

Our final stop will be Kleifarvatn, the largest lake on the peninsula. This is a stunning location and the lake is surrounded by dramatic volcanic hills and cliffs made from lava. 

On the way back to Reykjavik, we pass through the town of Hafnarfjörður, known for its association with both Vikings and elves.

This tour is a must for anyone interested in volcanic landscapes. It is praised by travellers for its magical scenery and unique places.

What's included?

  • Specially Trained Go Icelandic Guide
  • Sightseeing
  • Bus / Car

What do I need to bring?

  • Warm Clothes and walking boots for all weathers - Wool and Cotton is essential and dress in layers - even in summertime
  • Mobile Phone, Camera and Batteries