Get a local to show you the wonders of the city and then go on a search for the magnificent whales around Reykjavik.

Your city walk tour starts from Hallgrímskirkja at 10:00 (the big church in Reykjavík) with a nice local guide that will share information that no guidebook can tell you leading you through the city.

The guide will give you a unique insight into the local life as a born and raised Icelander. The tour strolls down Reykjavík all the way down to Austurvöllur where you can get a good advice about where to grab a quick lunch before heading down to the harbour and start the next adventure.

Your Whale Watching tour on Andrea leaves at 13:00 from the Old Harbour in Reykjavík. The Andrea is a large and comfortable boat that has an educational & interactive focus on-board so you will keep learning while enjoying the fantastic views of the mountains that surround Reykjavík.

The most common species seen in Faxaflói bay are Minke Whales, Humpback Whales, White Beaked Dolphins and Harbour Porpoises.